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About The InCredAbles


The North East is the lowest of all UK regions for all indices, ‘attitude’, ‘ability’ and ‘aspiration’. What if people knew more about business and becoming an entrepreneur...


What if they knew that ordinary people who had created businesses would willingly offer advice, support and guidance, passing the baton…… -THEN we would start to unleash North East talent, inspiring others to become entrepreneurs and creating better life choices.

Attitudes - Abilities - Aspirations

On an annual basis Santander Bank commission the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (GEDI) to undertake in-depth analysis of all UK regions with the purpose of building a benchmarking index known as the Santander Enterprise Index (SEI).

SEI is an annual ranking of 12 of the UK’s regional entrepreneurial ecosystems, measuring how effectively entrepreneurship is supported at the regional level and tracking over time the effectiveness of new policies and initiatives in UK regions.

The GEDI methodology collects data on the entrepreneurial ‘attitudes’, ‘abilities’ and ‘aspirations’ of the local population and then weights these against the prevailing social and economic ‘infrastructure’, in total 14 ‘pillars’ of entrepreneurship are measured as defined by GEDI.


The InCredAbles

Over the last 18  months, the thinking of the group has progressed into the idea of a ‘movement’ which we have named ‘The InCredAbles’, a platform which is truly inclusive and action orientated, the main purpose of which is to build entrepreneurial aspiration, economic wealth and prosperity in the region.

Targeting weaknesses

Targeting weaknesses in lower performing regions would have a larger beneficial impact on their performance than spreading resources across all sectors.

In response to the latest annual research a group of people from the north east region came together in June 2015 to closer examine the findings, keen to develop actions that would better place the North East region firmly in the entrepreneurial space.


The key findings from the 2014 SEI state:

Significant regional discrepancies exist across the UK: the London region and the South East perform extremely well relative to other UK regions. By contrast, the East Midlands, Wales and the North East are much weaker than the best.


Driven by new and experienced entrepreneurs

The intention being that the ‘movement’ becomes self-perpetuating, driven by new and experienced entrepreneurs, the voice of regional entrepreneurship, raising awareness, reaching out to people from different generations and walks of life, further connecting schools, colleges and universities to local businesses, stimulating ambition, providing insights, building confidence, generating ideas and building prosperity.



The InCredAbles

Committed to making a difference to the North East

Prof Roy Sandbach OBE

Director National Innovation Centre for Ageing

Jonathan Gold

Managing Director Rivers Capital Partners Ltd

Caroline Theobald CBE

Managing Director Bridge Club Limited 

Peter Walls

Founder PW UnLtd 

Ammar Mirza CBE

Chairman & Founder of Asian Business Connexions

Gillian Marshall

Chief Executive Entrepreneurs' Forum

James Robson MBE

Owner Alexander Jewitt & Co.

John Williams

Head of ACCA UK.

Jane Reynolds

Business Development Manager North Star Ventures

Chris Quickfall

CEO e-Quality Learning

Prof Jane Turner OBE

Pro Vice-Chancellor Enterprise Teesside University 

Jacqui Miller-Charlton MBE

Main Board Member Miller International Limited 

Andrew Hatton MBE

Product Development Manager UK Export Finance 


The InCredAbles

“I’d describe the InCredAbles as an inspiring bunch of unique and real self-made entrepreneurs and professionals, helping smaller businesses through their peaks and troughs along their business journey”. Vicki Stone (Vicki Stone Marketing)

The InCredAbles

“The InCredAbles program has not only helped in the progression of my business but as a person as well. Business can often be a lonely place and to be welcomed into a group of both like-minded entrepreneurs and enablers who have seen it all before builds confidence and reassurance. The passion of the North East shines throughout and I'm proud to be a part of it”. Matt Hulbert (Ojee Golf)


The InCredAbles

“The InCredAbles programme is motivating, inspiring and the access to a large entrepreneurial network has been vital to my business progression. The action motivated group of experienced enablers who rapidly ensure progression of your business is the unique selling point. My previous experience has been groups that talk the talk but don't walk the walk!!” Gillian McLeod (Kytol)


The InCredAbles

It (the recent action learning set) really helped me clarify the direction I need to go in and what I need to prioritise and I found everyone's comments really helpful and insightful - it's given me a lot more focus and reenergised my strategy goals”. Linda Westphal (La Di Da Media)